Trumpet Method

Over the years I have had so many players around the world ask me about the method I use and teach. The amount of questions were so overwhelming that I just could not really answer them all in depth because of time constraints. So I asked Roy Stevens (my teacher) about doing a video that would answer many of these inquiries. Roy Stevens felt that it would be more effective to do the videos in a step-by-step format concisely detailing the actual trumpet method with no flash or glitter. Just pure education. This way, by covering every major element involved in embouchure development, almost all questions would be answered, thus arming the players with the necessary information to identify and correct their own problems.

You see, when you begin to understand the muscular structure of the face and it's behavior, you will then begin to make amazing progress because you will not leave yourself open to guess work and fragmented information which is based on some truth, some experience and some well-intentioned coaching. (ie: incorrect or limited knowledge, if not corrected or checked, will act as a barrier of preoccupation, restricting the mind from receiving new information and creating new starting points.)

Well, many years went by and while I was teaching Phil Driscoll, Phil commented that I should put a package together that would make this amazing trumpet method available to all players young and old alike. This would free me up from such a vigorous teaching schedule and make my performance time on the road more flexible. Phil's suggestions rekindled the spirit and excitement of those early conversations with Roy Stevens, so.... here it is! A complete package containing two videos and a book, explaining the method from "A to Z." No hype, no glitter, no wild claims. Just pure truth. This is some of the most amazing information you will ever experience.

Video one (1) is a step-by-step explanation of the exercises to develop the correct muscular behavior necessary to proceed. You will learn how to develop your corners how to maintain a consistant teeth aperture, how to train your buxinater and masseter muscles to establish a consistant playing platform (don't worry, the book and video explain the whole thing). Video two (2), I play a number of exercises that appear in the book which will take us through the whole gamut from low C to doubles and triples, with special "pause" inserts for you to play along. The book is an indepth thesis dealing with just about every aspect of embochure development. This stuff is tried and true and has withstood the test of time. The whole package will be a tremendous blessing to all who study it diligently and apply the principles as set forth.

When I met Roy Stevens my career was all but over, as I messed my chops up really bad. But Roy Stevens turned my broken lip around and a year and a half later I was playing lead trumpet for the President of the United States in the White House! And since then, I've been lead trumpet with the "Who's Who" of the entertainment field. I don't make these statements arrogantly, or boastfully, but in all humility......grateful to have found such a wonderfully gifted teacher and been blessed with the opportunity to study with Roy Stevens. Under Roy's tutelage, my dreams came true as a trumpet player. I developed chops that I never dreamed I could ever have.

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